My name is Lori Holmes I am an Independent Martial Arts Instructor in Karate, Tai Chi, Jui Jitsui and Aikido.

Currently Teaching Tai Chi Located at:
Myofascial Release Mississauga

300 - 35 Thomas Street
Mississauga, ON, L5M1Y6
Telephone: 6472965992 


About Me


Lori Holmes

Self-Defense and Tai Chi Instructor 


I began my journey 2004 at the age of 35 a single mom of a 5-year-old boy the love of my life. I found that training Martial Arts gave me a sense of security and awareness knowing that I was able to defend my family if something happened and the calmness of being in the moment.

2011 I reached one of my goals, 1st degree Black Belt Go Ju Ryu Karate and First level Tai Chi. 

2017 reached my 2nd Degree Black Belt and Level 2 Tai Chi.

Started my business LH Complete Wellness teaching Seminars - In schools, private/ in home, people with disabilities, Corporate, and at the Myo Fascial Release Clinic. I realized my servant heart and passion radiates confidence in teaching Women, Men and Children that they have a voice and they matter. 

I focus my teaching in specific areas

Tai Chi - is a mind body exercise, that creates healing and rejuvenation. It aims to strengthen, relax and integrate the mind and body. Improving health and personal development.

Self-Defense – Aikido, Jui Jitsui, Anti-Bullying Strategies, focus, awareness of mind and body, strength training. Self esteem and a personal journey of self.

Compassion is my greatest gift; it allows us to connect on a deeper level and to create a happier and healthier life. This is my ultimate goal.

I can be reached at 905-330-4336


Teaching Experience 

Tai Chi

Post Inn - 5 years

Sunrise Retirement - 2 years 

Myo Fascial Release Mississauga 2020

Karate Self-Defense and Anti-Bullying

SAVIS Seminars vsearies years 

Anti–Bulling Seminars Elementary Schools Oakville

Teaching  Dojo  2006- 2012 ages 3yrs to Adult

Holy Trinity School   2008 to 2017 

Women Self Defense Courses 2006-2020 

March Break Camps 2004-2011

Summer Camps  2004-2011

In-Home 2012- to current

Varies Seminars and Classes Private Businesses to date.


About Tai Chi



Tai Chi is a mind body exercise, that creates healing and rejuvenation. It aims to strengthen, relax and integrate the mind and body. Improving Health, Personal Development and Self Defense.

Active ingredients of Tai Chi

1. Awareness (mindfulness and focused attention)

2. Intention (including belief and expectations)

3. Structural integration (including dynamic form and function) multiple structural and physiological systems is another key active ingredient that underlies Tai Chi therapeutic effect.

4. Active relaxation (circular, flowing motion) helps shift the body and mind into deeper levels of relaxation and is a form of meditation in motion.

5. Strengthening and Flexibility. Integrated movements result in less strain, greater power with less effort and better balance, in addition slow, continuous, relaxed movements result in enhanced overall flexibility.

6. Natural, Freer Breathing. More efficient breathing improves gas exchange, massages body tissue and internal organs, helps regulate nervous system and improves mood and balance.

7. Social Support (including interaction and community) being part of a group has proven therapeutic.

8. Embodied Spirituality (including Philosophy and Ritual) Eastern Philosophy that integrates body, mind and spirit. 


To Whom it May Concern,

It is my pleasure to write a letter of reference for Lori Holmes.  In my position as a Health and Physical education teacher at Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School I have known Lori for ten years.  I was initially introduced to Lori when she was employed to instruct self-defense classes to all of our grade nine students.  It was at this time Lori demonstrated her expertise it the area of self-defense but also in the area of classroom management, and student engagement.  Lori held the attention of both male and female classes while addressing curriculum expectations involving fitness, safety and self-regulation.

Eight years ago I took on the girl's Personal Fitness classes and was able to employ Lori as a Self-defense expert for my grade 11 and 12 students.  Lori is a clear communicator who uses,proximity,repetition and active listening when leading classes.  My students gained not only physical strategies to enhance their personal safety but empowerment to speak up for themselves in challenging social situations.  Lori is engaging, trustworthy and she leads by example in her constant training and efforts to improve her skills.

Lori is extremely passionate about working with your people at all levels and abilities.  I witnessed her calm a student with an anxiety disorder, so much so that the young woman wanted to attend Lori's self-defense class on her free time.  Lori's passion led her to volunteer to take part in our "Girls Night In", an event dedicated to immersing grade nine girls in the positive aspects of our school community.  She constantly reaches out to assist in bettering others without hesitation.

I am sorry that Lori is no longer part of Holy Trinity , Oakville community: She is an incredible asset to any organization looking for passion, and excellence in their employees.  It is without hesitation that I recommend Lori .  Please contact me if you need a verbal reference  or further information. 

Respectfully ,

Melissa Olmstead 

Health and Physical Education Teacher

Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School

 "Lori's teachings are fantastic.  They go far beyond a traditional dojo or fighting class, because the stuff you're learning is not simply fighting and self defense.  Lori gets to know you on a deep spiritual level, she not only teaches you, but she learns how you learn and exploits that to create fascinating results. Every single thing you learn teaches you confidence, respect,and courtesy, along with learning your true self in a completely awesome way.  No longer will you back down in the face of fear and doubt, because you learn that these truly don't exist.  Your daily life will start to change in ways you've never imagined and she is right there with you every step of the way.  She is a TRUE to the word Martial Arts instructor" 

Joe Davis 


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